Most of Retail & Marketplace companies aren't ready for the social commerce era, are you?

Social Commerce for Retail & Marketplace

A mainstay in the ecosystem, you’ve seen trends, and brands, come and go in the world of commerce. With boots on the ground, you’re the original direct to consumer, in the literal terms of directly speaking to the consumer.

Where has that gone thought? Today, it’s become increasingly harder to grow and capture your audience, whether in physical spaces or digitally (and merging them is another challenge on its own).

Paid ad prices are skyrocketing (with plummeting efficiency), organic reach is decreasing, and on top of that, customers expect instant and frictionless shopping experience from IRL to online. It’s time to make a change.

Drop enables you to step into the new-world of commerce, and it’s all about social (the platforms, and the actual activity of being social). It’s conversational, headless, and mobile-first.

Own & merge your audiences

Using conversation to merge your social and physical audience into a channel that is 100% owned by you, you’ll be able to collect your own insights that will empower your marketing, sales, product, and basically every decision.

Find new customers

Leveraging a direct and instant form of communication, connect and capture a new audience into your own channel that can be easily boosted by paid ads.

Personalize their experience

Through conversational marketing, ask your customers what they want, then easily segment and personalize. It’s more engaging, and has a much further reach.

Convert your audience into customers

Empowered with 1:1 connection, nurture and educate your audience on your upcoming collabs, launches and sales. For the home-run, keep the customer journey short with instant checkouts, and limited, personalized discounts, all on social.

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Most of Retail & Marketplace companies aren't ready for the social commerce era, are you?

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