Use Case
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Use Case

The future of Giveaways and how to make them less boring, and more powerful

The secret is that its conversational, frictionless, and actually engaging.

Who knew conversational marketing could make such a powerful giveaway. (Here's an obvious hint, we did 😉).

It starts with frictionless sign-ups

Ditch the swipe-up to sign-up and shorten your customer journey by collecting sign-ups on social. By keeping your audience inside their favorite app to craft a seamless sign-up process, you’ll reach higher completion rates.

Grow all your marketing channels

Easily capture your audience and power up your sales funnel with casual marketing opt-ins that are as easy as a “are you in?”Based on the data you need, use Drop as a lead gen tool and craft two-way campaigns that allow you to actually capture your social audience.

Nurture, educate and learn from your audience

Through a series of personalized touch-points, uncover your audience’s needs and wants while also sharing your mission, brand story, or coming release. Social commerce is all about instantly communicating with your audience in the most engaging way, but also capturing these moments to gain invaluable insights.

Last, but not least, increase purchase conversion

Conversational marketing enables personalized re-engagements, which lend to giveaways that actually boost sales no matter the win or lose outcome. Make everyone a winner (including yourself) and reward all participants, boosting loyalty and sale, with a simple thank you that includes time-sensitive discount codes, digital gifts and more.

Drop’s Key Features For Giveaways

  1. Personalized messaging according to user responses
  2. Triggered campaigns based on customer segments or actions taken
  3. Built-in Carousels with links to product pages, media, and more
  4. eComm integrations to track conversion and behavior