Use Case
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Use Case

How Creators can maximize their already-awesome communities to boost revenue and more

It's time to truly own your audience, on your own terms.

Hey there, creators. You’ve never really been part of the norm, paving your own path by leveraging the latest tech and social to support your own initiatives. You’re all about building your community, and maintaining it, creating an ongoing conversation that results in a win-win for everyone.

But today, more and more, it’s harder to grow and capture your audience, let alone turn them into customers.

Paid ad prices are skyrocketing (with plummeting efficiency), organic reach is decreasing, and on top of that, your audience expects an instant and frictionless storyline. It’s time to make a change.

Drop enables you to step into the new-world of commerce, and it’s all on social. It’s conversational, headless, and mobile-first.

Own your community

By moving your community into a channel that is 100% owned by you, you’ll be collecting your own insights that will empower your marketing, sales, product, and basically every decision.

Grow your community

Leveraging a direct and instant form of communication, connecting and capturing a new audience into your own channel is more seamless than before.

Personalize their experience

Through conversational marketing, ask your community what they want, then easily segment and personalize everything that follows. It’s more engaging, and has a much further reach.

Convert into customers

Empowered with 1:1 connection, nurture and educate your audience on your projects. For the home-run, keep their purchase journey short with instant checkouts, all on social.