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The Five W's of Instagram DM Automation (basically WTF is it!)

Ever wondered what IG DM automation really is? This little overview answers the most basic questions, leaving you feeling like an expert.

WHO does it affect?

Instagram Direct Message Automation involves anyone who messages your Instagram account with a keyword that triggers the automation.

WHAT is it?

With the help of software and code, automating your Instagram's direct messaging inbox allows you to have conversations with your audience without an actual person manually responding.

These conversations, or messages, are triggered by keywords that you choose.

WHEN can I use it?

You only have a 24-hour window to communicate with someone on Instagram after their last engagement. In other words, if someone messaged your company profile on Instagram and you responded, you have 24 hours to follow up with them after the previous time they communicated with you. After that time period has passed, you won't be able to message that individual again unless they re-engage with you.

WHERE does this go down?

Of course this is hosted on Instagram, but as everyone already (and should know!) is a subsidiary  of Facebook, or newly coined Meta. Why this is important to note is, Facebook has allowed its own messaging feature, Messenger, to be automated with bots for some time now. Facebook's rollout for IG DM automation has been similar, with shared features and use cases, and can be looked at for inspiration, to guessing what the next features will be.

HOW do I even use it?

To roll our these kind of automations, you can go two routes. One, the more difficult (and expensive) way would be to hire software engineers & coders to create the marketing automations for you. Second, more practical, and easy method would be to use platforms that let you build these campaigns.

Using certain platforms that allow integrations with your CRM and eComm site, insights gained from responses can then be integrated for a more complete picture of your audience.

WHY should I care?

The funnel to get people onto your site is broken. Between paid ads, email marketing, organic marketing, influencer, etc, only .9% of traffic on site even converts. With your options only being 1-increase traffic, 2-promotions & offers or 3-spend lots on conversion rate optimization, the options are bleak and expensive.

So, as a marketer, IG DM automation is huge news. You basically get to engage, 1:1, with your IG audience, right within the app they already spending most of their time in (and where they consume the most of your content). Because it's also an OWNED channel, you can personalize the experience, moving them onto your site when they are primed and ready through a shorter journey.

Sending higher-quality traffic to your site, means higher-quality conversion. On top of that, conversational marketing is proving to be a strategic pivot for many brands, with audiences appreciating the personalized and casual approach. Basically, they feel heard.