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What in the world is Instagram Direct and how can brands leverage it

A quick guide on how to create an Instagram Direct ad, what it is, and why you should use it.

Meta has a new ad product sitting on the market underused and overlooked.

It’s called Instagram Direct, and it can be a a lot more effective, and cheaper, then traditional IG ads.

What makes them so unique is their main feature, which sends those captured from your ad to your brand’s Instagram DM inbox, starting a direct line of communication between you and your audience.

It’s been years industry leaders like Meta & Shopify have been sounding the alarm for a conversational shift in marketing.

Today, with the convergence of messaging, commerce and engagement between brands and their audiences, all happening on social apps like Instagram, this new era has become a reality. Personalized, instant, and one-on-one experiences are not only what hook new prospects in, but it’s also what consumers expect more and more before, during and after a purchase.

With Instagram Direct, you’ll create a short customer journey within the app, capturing them into a new channel for nurturing and engagement pre and post sale.

Want to learn how to Create an Instagram Direct Ad? Check our step-by-step guide on our Intercom Helpdesk here.

Instagram Direct ads allows brand to have pre-saved replies to their ads which facilitate the whole process allowing brands to control and frame the experience.

So why aren’t most brands utilizing Instagram Direct ads?

Probably for the same reasons you aren’t, no one wants to create an overwhelming pile of unread messages for their social and customer support teams to sift through. And using chatbots, which are focused on customer support, won’t give you your best shot at creating an awesome conversational commerce experience for your audience.

Drop makes it easy to create a Instagram DM experience that is scalable, but also personalized to your brand’s voice, goals and overall strategy.

Marketers at heart, we are focused on helping everyone, from DTC startups to traditional retailers, to get the most out of their paid Instagram initiatives. Crafting custom flows within your brands Instagram DM inbox, you’ll be able to deliver a personalized and engaging experience to each individual that is brought in from your Instagram Direct pushes, reducing CPA and boosting ROAs.

Don’t take it from us though, we’ve got plenty of brands who’ve seen their fair share of success leveraging Drop and Instagram Direct ads.

Take it from marketplace startup The Bradery who generated over $77K of revenue with $4K in ad spend.

Or streetwear staple Tealer, who decreased their CPA from $60 to $11 by capturing their new Instagram Direct leads into a custom DM experience by Drop.

If you’re looking to increase engagement with the audience you’ve already built, lower CPM/CPL/CPA or increase revenue with new and existing customers, don’t miss out on this opportunity. As social commerce becomes more and more top of mind for marketers across every industry, the time is now to make the most out of these new features, capitalizing on its early stages to experiment and build.