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The Role of Human Creativity in Generative AI Marketing

What is our role as marketers? As advertisers? As creatives?

While AI has been a buzzword for some time, the launch of new platforms like Midjourney and ChatGPT or built-in tools to already-used products, like Meta’s Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns and Google’s Performance Max ads, means AI is really here.

And even if you’ve had your eye on these trends, this whole rollout can feel like a tsunami wave of new tech.

As we slowly adapt to this new norm, we want to tackle the first thought that comes to mind, what is our role as creatives, marketers, and advertisers, in AI? It’s a seemingly simple answer.

We provide the inputs. This means the commands, the creative concepts, and the strategies behind AI. But the inputs aren’t so simple. It’s a game of test and learn. We have to evaluate and refine the output generated by the AI to ensure it’s even on par with our original vision. On top of that, as we learn these tools, it’s our job to identify new and innovative ways to utilize this tech best.

In marketing, it can simplify and speed up the creative process. Helping us quickly repurpose content into multiple variations, from ads, captions for social posts, emails, and articles.

At the end of the day, human creativity is still essential in the process. The AI output is dependent on the input.

The strategy behind the input is based on the marketer’s goals and ideas.Our biggest piece of advice, for now, is to play. In more grown-up terms, experiment. Experiment with these tools, letting your mind run wild with ideas. Chase after them and keep the ball rolling, building until you find a process that works for you. The same goes for Google & Meta’s new AI-based updates. Try them. These products were constructed and tested for your success. They aren’t meant to limit you but to empower you.

P.S. There is a great (free) podcast on how to use ChatGPT to plan a whole year of content, from The Racki & Symes Podcast. Listen to it on Spotify here.

P.P.S. Twitter & LinkedIn is chock-full of creatives sharing their steps to using these AI tools. Yeah, you'll have to follow and like the post to get the content, but it's worth some inspiration on how to get the ball rolling. Here's an example from Sam Szuchan here.