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A deep dive on the next era of commerce

Is it hype or the future? Learn everything you need to know about social commerce.

Born out of the relationship between brands and their social audiences, (and boosted with shopping features rolled out by said social platforms), the rise of social commerce is in full swing. We’ll start with the numbers.

With 83% of the world’s mobile web traffic happening on socials, sales via social channels are expected to nearly triple by 2025 globally. In the US alone, about 30% of internet users are already making purchases directly within social platforms.

It’s time to stop putting so much effort behind your static, desktop site, and embrace the future that is headless and omni channel. Those who don’t embrace soon will be left on the sidelines.

Meta, TikTok and others are rapidly dropping new features to encourage brands to reimagine their customer’s journey, creating something that is unique, frictionless, and within the platform itself.

While we’ve all seen this coming as marketers, (Shopify listed it as 1/3 top e-commerce trends for 2022) the actual question of “how will this go down?” is still unclear to many as it presents many different answers and solutions.

At Drop, we’re all about social, headless commerce, utilizing the latest unveiling of features from Meta to create conversational, social-first experiences that are focused on increasing engagement and ultimately conversion too.

At this point you’re maybe asking, why conversational? And for that we’ll say, where is your audience now? What do they expect of you? The answer is simple. They expect instant, personalized experiences that are on social. And where are they now? Talking to their friends in the DM.

By opening a line of communication with your audience in a space they are well-acquainted with, you’ll have the ability to create something innovative, that can be easily customized to their wants and most importantly of all actually seen.

Which gets us to our next point. Yes, social commerce is the future. But it cannot exist without organic engagement. And today, social platforms have done a lot to squash it, pushing a pay-to-play formula. While paid ads are a great boost for organically high-engaging content, it’s efficacy is also questionable (and pricey) when paired with initiatives that never got any traffic anyways. Again, this is where conversational marketing comes in. Innovative, exciting, and low-effort, it’s the perfect channel to nurture and grow your audience.

The biggest winners of social commerce and conversational marketing will be the early adopters, who start experimenting while keeping an eye on the key metrics that’ll define the best strategy for their community and brand.