$60 to $11 CPA with Insta DM Interactive Ads

How a throwback Pokémon fight over Instagram DMs decreased ad acquisition costs by over 500%

Tealer is a well-loved DTC and brick-n-mortar streetwear brand, based in Paris, boasting a 164K Instagram Audience.

Key Metrics

$6 CPM*

*$6 cost-per-mille with Instagram Direct Messages Ad

$11 CPA

Versus a $60 average on Tealer's traditional ad campaigns

90% Net New Customers

The Challenge

  • Huge increase in their CPA with traditional paid ads over the past 6 months ($60 average)
  • Lowering retargeting efficiency since iOS14
  • Difficulties to recruit new customers

The Strategy

Leveraging their partnership with the beloved Pokémon, the brand launched a sponsored Instagram sponsored campaign focusing on acquiring a new audience. With a catchy CTA, the brand prompted new faces to play a game by sending a DM, mirroring the old-school Game Boy. The whole direct message experience ended with a personalized and time-sensitive discount code which rewarded each individual who entered the Pokémon battle.

The Solution

  • Captivate a broad audience who would resonate with nostalgia & gamification
  • Exclusion of previous customers to promote growth
  • Instant and personalized rewards to drive conversion


Here's what's in it for you:

  • Engagement with an audience you built
  • Lower CPMs/CPLs/CPAs
  • Increased revenue with existing and new customers

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$60 to $11 CPA with Insta DM Interactive Ads

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