success story
sucess story

Making Instagram Organic your #1 Traffic Source With Automated DMs

How a win-win reward system boosted customer acquisition and personalized connection

How a win-win reward system boosted customer acquisition and personalized connection

With an IG audience of 468K, beauty brand Merci Handy is well-versed in connecting 1:1 with their young audience.

the problem

Like all other DTC brands today, increasing customer LTV is both a priority and hurdle for Merci Handy. The brand's young audience expects a more personalized and instant experience but there is no real ways to follow up with interest leads at scale. Instagram Organic used to be a primary traffic source, but the traditional discounts and hooks are becoming routine and don’t move them into the pipeline.

the strategy

A social commerce native, the brand is always uncovering new ways to reward their audience’s loyalty. Launching a new kind of reward on World Emoiji Day, the brand offered their audience, via Instagram Stories, a selection of gifts they could choose as a cart add-on. Participants entered by DM-ing the emoji that corresponded with the gift they’d most like to receive, capturing them into their automated DM channel. Launching a kind of socially-native abandoned cart checkout, the brand re-engaged with those while they were still hot, sending a selection of product via DM to those who didn’t convert immediately.

the solution

Merci Handy crafted a hyper-personalized reward experience right within Instagram DMs. By being low-risk to the participants (AKA in-app) this method was also high-converting. This campaign, that would have cost $2,268 with FB ads to generate, was 100% organic.

key metrics

Instagram Organic was the #1 source for site traffic for 48hrs, reaching a 31% click-through-rate, and 8,423 entries with 100% organic lead generation.

the results

Instagram DMs at scale unlocks the ability for organic growth and retention.

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