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sucess story

How to go from $60 to $11 CPA with Gamified Instagram Direct Message Ads

How a throwback Pokémon fight over Instagram DMs decreased ad acquisition costs by over 500%

How to go from $60 to $11 CPA with Insta DM Interactive Ads

Tealer is a well-loved DTC and brick-n-mortar streetwear brand, based in Paris, boasting a 164K Instagram Audience.

the problem

Like most brands, Tealer has seen a huge increase in their CPA with traditional Instagram paid ads over the past 6 months, averaging at about $60. Since iOS14, ad retargeting efficiency has dropped off, making it even more difficult to recruit new customers.

the strategy

Leveraging their partnership with the beloved Pokémon, the brand launched a sponsored Instagram campaign focusing on acquiring a new audience. With a catchy CTA, the brand prompted new faces to play a game by sending a DM, mirroring the old-school Game Boy. The whole direct message experience ended with a personalized and time-sensitive discount code which rewarded each individual who entered the Pokémon battle.

the solution

The series of Instagram DM ads resonated with their target audience through nostalgia and gamification, while excluding previous customers to promote new growth. Instant and personalized rewards were delivered in the DM, driving instant conversion with a short customer journey.

key metrics

With 90% net new customers, Tealer reduced their CPM to $6, and CPA from $60 to $11.

the results

Tealer nailed down the formula for engaging new faces. Instagram Direct Messaging ads paired with DMs at scale.

Net New Customers
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