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Drop 2.0! Our First *Official* Product Update!

This is our first live product update ever and we are over the moon about it! 🌝

Drop 2.0! Our First *Official* Product Update!

By moving from the MVP stage to public beta, we wanted to open the door for more brands and and creators to become early adopters of Drop and IG DM automation. While yes, we are still in the early stage, beta-mode, we know that the innovators out there who like to push the digital marketing envelope, would want to join us in our journey. So here’s a little drum roll 🥁 before I go ahead and fill you in on the biggest updates to the Drop platform.

First off, we’ve gone all in with Instagram Direct Message Automation.

When we first started working on Drop, we were interested in conversational marketing as a whole, from SMS to Facebook’s Messenger, and even dabbled in email marketing. While we are still keeping all these awesome channels in mind, we uncovered an awesome new opportunity with the opening of Instagram’s API. Drop allows you to own your IG Audience.

This led to a full redesign of our platform.

With a little help from our investors (actually a lot, thanks everyone!) and a huge effort from our design and engineering team, we designed a IG DM Campaign Builder that was intuitive, easy on the eyes, but also could draft complex and personalized conversational flows from scratch. Our focus was to make the most powerful and easy to use IG DM marketing automation tool on the block, and we’re pretty confident we’ve done just that! Some of the Key Highlights of our New Campaign Builder

⭐ Seamlessly draft conversations by simply linking content cards together.

⭐ Enable Quick Reply buttons to guide and personalize the conversation

⭐ Gain valuable insights by saving users responses through User Reply settings.

⭐ Use Condition & Event cards to segment your audience or trigger DM’s based on certain actions, demographics, and more.

⭐ Take conversational pauses between messages or schedule re-engagements through our Smart Delay feature. Also, Drop allows you to own your IG Audience.

We made it a top priority that every Drop user would begin to own their IG audience, instead of renting them. Every customer you capture and engage with through DM will be added into your own, downloadable audience. We are the only platform that can combine IG info with first party data collected from DM and Shopify. Every question you ask can be added to enrich your audience profile. By pairing these insights with Shopify’s transaction history, browsing behavior, and more we wanted to give Drop users a real, full picture of their customer.

This is just the beginning. Although we’ve worked so hard to get to this point, we are constantly tinkering to make things better, with some even bigger ideas up our sleeves.

Don’t want to start from scratch? We made templates too.

Based on real-life use cases from Drop users, we drafted our favorite IG DM campaigns ready to be customized and published by anyone who needs a little extra guidance. We know that IG DM is mostly new for everyone, and having templates to inspire new iterations and strategy would further boost success for Drop community members.