Use Case
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Use Case

One-on-one engagement can cut through the noise of the competition fashion industry

Fashion and apparel have been revolutionized with the rise of digital. With less and less a reliance on physical spaces, a D2C strategy has become the means for survival, not an added perk. Consumers more and more are demanding a personal, 1:1 approach, even online.

It is that 1:1 engagement that cuts through the noise of the competition fashion industry.

The future era of e-comm will be the social commerce wave. This will allow for fully custom experiences that are nuanced, frictionless and instant.

The ability to connect with multiple consumer personas, creating mini digital communities backed by the next generation of early adopters and tastemakers will boost brand’s desirability and success. And social commerce enables just that.

At Drop, we help you leverage your Instagram following to launch a new social commerce-led channel for revenue and engagement.

Customer Generation

Fashion and apparel is what enables consumers to build the look they want to show to the world. So, as a fashion brand how would you go about engaging with your Instagram audience in a personal, and scaleable manner?

Well, we have the solution. That visual audience is where your customers and future customers live and consume so much fashion content. With Drop, that customer generation comes alive with direct messages at scale. Powered by conversational marketing, customer generation is infinitely more personalized, frictionless and effective.

Collection Releases

Do collection releases in an entirely new way with automation + conversation. All on social, build up hype for coming drops, uncovering what your customer really wants from you, then deliver. We make it easy to segment, group and re-engage with your audience. From those who need just a little nudge along customer journey, to power shoppers who should be rewarded for their loyalty.


Who doesn’t love a giveaway? Big or small, everybody is doing it, but could they be doing it better? So many giveaways are full of friction (oh you know, death by re-directs and forms), don’t capture useful insights, and just end at the sign up. Conversational marketing takes care of these common downfalls of the traditional giveaway.

Influencer Collaborations

The icons and tastemakers that lead the fashion and apparel industry are integral to each brand’s success whether they decide to collaborate with them or not. For those who partner with their communities creators and influencers, social commerce allows to collect better insights that help strengthen relationships. It also allows for a more personalized experience with their audiences which in turn makes them and the brand more revenue and engagement.

A Drop Story

Take it from streetwear giant ASICS, who went 1:1 on IG DM to tell their collaboration story with independent brand Brain Dead. Letting their new IG DM audience be the first to know when the Brain Dead collab dropped, core fans were able to snag the product without the normal frustration of super-limited releases, offering an exclusive experience that boosted good-will and loyalty before ultimately selling out. Read about how they did that here.