Use Case
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Use Case

The NFT audience wants a purchase experience that is frictionless, instant and personalized

Social commerce delivers just that.

Born out of a recent digital phenomena, NFT’s are naturally part of the social commerce era. With an audience who is digitally native and on the brink of innovation, staying relevant and interesting when it comes to drops, collaborations and launches can be a challenge.

The NFT audience wants a purchase experience that is frictionless, instant and personalized. Social commerce delivers just that.

No matter your position within the NFT niche, from a one-person artist to a large brand, anyone can tap into social commerce to boost their audience growth, connection and ultimately conversion.

At Drop, we help you leverage your Instagram following to launch a new social commerce-led channel for revenue and engagement.

Customer Generation

Not only is it important to nurture your own audience, but to also attract, qualify and generate new customers from an organic audience. Your Instagram followers have shown interest in your NFTs. It’s really about showing you the people who really go the extra mile to engage with the brand. That’s a future loyal customer in the making.. Powered by conversational marketing, customer generation is infinitely more personalized, frictionless and effective.

Exclusive Launches

Do exclusive launches in an entirely new way with automation + conversation. All on social, build up hype for coming drops, uncovering what your customer really wants from you, then deliver. We make it easy to segment, group and re-engage with your audience. From those who need just a little nudge along customer journey, to power fans who should be rewarded for their continued loyalty.

Influencer & Creator Collaborations

The talented artists and tastemakers part of the NFT community are integral to a drop’s success.  Social commerce is major in these initiatives for it allows to collect better insights right off social, that help strengthen relationships with data. For the audience and customers, it enables a more personalized experience which in turn are more engaging and successful.