Use Case
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Use Case

The rise of social has allowed the entertainment industry great opportunities for audience engagement

At your core, Entertainment is all about bringing community together. Whether this was once only in a specific medium of film, television, theatre, etc doesn’t matter in this day and age. Digital communities are integral to any kind of entertainment project.

While the rise of social has enabled the opportunity for the industry to connect with their fans outside specific moments, it also comes with its own challenges.

Social has democratized entertainment’s reach on a worldwide stage, which has also brought an onslaught of competition and noise. How do you stand out? How do you connect 1:1?

Additionally, your fanbase is so diverse that your messaging can’t be too broad, it won’t relate to anyone, but it can’t be too specific either. Or can it?

Social commerce confronts all the challenges, introducing the new era of connection that is seamless, instant, and completely personalized.

It doesn’t matter if you are a small bootstrapped pilot, a Marvel movie or a podcast with a million plus streams, anyone can and should utilize conversational marketing to boost their audience size, retention, nurturing and bottom line, conversion.

At Drop, we help you leverage your Instagram following to launch a new social commerce-led channel for revenue and engagement.

Registration/Attendance Generation

When you think all things entertainment, it’s all about generating engagement leading ultimately to registrations/attendance/subscribers. You have an audience on Instagram that is following for a reason. It’s about giving them a better and more effective way to engage and learn more through personalized direct messages. Powered by conversational marketing, event promotion is infinitely more personalized, frictionless and effective.

Monetizing your Project

Monetize your project in an entirely new way with automation + conversation. All on social, build up hype for coming releases, uncovering what your fan base really wants from you, then deliver. We make it easy to segment, group and re-engage with your audience. From those who need just a little nudge along customer journey, to power fans who should be rewarded for their continued loyalty.


Who doesn’t love a giveaway? Big or small, everybody is doing it, but could they be doing it better? So many giveaways are full of friction (oh you know, death by re-directs and forms), don’t capture useful insights, and just end at the sign up. Conversational marketing takes care of these common downfalls of the traditional giveaway.


When you collaborate with major brands, events and more, social commerce can help you to gather new insights right off social that help strengthen relationships with data. Hard numbers will help you leverage future partnerships and collect new leads for your own audience.