Tomorrow's channel for Product Launches is right under your nose

Introducing tomorrow’s channel for digital product launches, social commerce 💬

Building momentum pre-launch

Social commerce is all about boosting awareness right within your audience’s favorite apps. Never having to leave, you can easily entice your audience to sign up for first or early access to your launch, in a channel that is instant and frictionless.

Nurture like never before

Conversation allows you to warm up your audience, while gathering insights, before you go live with your drop. With Drop, learn more about your audience, while educating them with a series of conversational touch points that are personalized and segmented according to behavior, demographics and more.

Share instant access

Give them something better for their loyalty, rewarding them with first dibs to your sale, launches and more. With Drop, you can design a frictionless customer journey, sending them a message right when you first offer your product launch all within social.

Continue the conversation, post-sale

Craft a post-sale experience on social, following up with those who did, and didn’t convert. With our eComm integrations, trigger personalized message to keep the connection strong, providing additional value for stronger customer loyalty.

Drop’s Key Features For Product Launches

  1. Personalized messaging according to user responses
  2. Triggered campaigns based on customer segments or actions taken
  3. Built-in Carousels with links to product pages, media, and more
  4. eComm integrations to track conversion and behavior

Want to learn how this could apply to your brand? Let’s talk it over. Book a quick chat here.

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Tomorrow's channel for Product Launches is right under your nose

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