Cultural credibility is one of the most relevant factors in driving demand for luxury

Luxury has always been in its own lane within the digital sphere. But as social democratizes access, cultural credibility is one of the most relevant factors in driving demand for high-end products and experiences. Luxury consumers have always demanded a personal, 1:1 approach. Why should that be limited in the internet space? (I mean this mentality gave rise to whole “personal shopper” movement).

The future era of e-comm will be the social commerce wave. This will allow for fully custom experiences that are nuanced, frictionless and in real-time. Who wants to wait for anything these days especially that luxury item you’ve been eying for some time.

The ability to connect with multiple consumer personas, creating mini digital communities backed by the next generation of early adopters and tastemakers will boost luxury brand’s cultural credibility. And social commerce enables just that.

At Drop, we help you leverage your Instagram following to launch a new social commerce-led channel for revenue and engagement.

Customer Generation

Building and cultivating and audience, especially for luxury brands, is one thing but engaging them at scale is another. As mentioned earlier, engagement needs to look and feel one to one to truly make someone feel like becoming a luxury brand customer. With Drop, that customer generation comes alive with direct messages at scale. Powered by conversational marketing, customer generation is infinitely more personalized, frictionless and effective. You can read about how social commerce is changing the game here.

Collection Releases

Do collection releases in an entirely new way with automation + conversation. All on social, build up hype for coming releases/drops, uncovering what your customer really wants from you, then deliver. We make it easy to segment, group and re-engage with your audience. From those who need just a little nudge along customer journey, to power shoppers who should be rewarded for their loyalty. Check out the full use case here.

Influencer Collaborations

The icons and tastemakers that lead the luxury industry are integral to each brand’s success whether they decide to collaborate with them or not. For those who partner with their communities creators and influencers, social commerce allows to collect better insights that help strengthen relationships. It also allows for a more personalized experience with their audiences which in turn makes them and the brand more revenue and engagement.

A Drop Story

Premium loungewear TALENTLESS speaks directly to their audience, whether it's straight from their founder Scott Disick to their own social presence. Along with this M.O., building a strong relationship with their customers is key. To do this, TALENTLESS was looking to connect with their fans in a more intimate way, while in-turn better understanding them. Read the full story here.

Want to learn more about how social commerce will transform your business? Let’s have a quick 15-min intro. Book it here.

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