Doesn't matter if you run a design agency or you're a one man show, it's time to tap social commerce

Being a designer in this modern world comes with one the biggest opportunities that was once only afforded to a few. The ability to be face-to-face with the public, growing your own community, your own fan base, and lead your own projects. While the rise of social has enabled this new form of connection, it also comes with its own challenges. You’ve had to become a marketer too.

At heart, you’re an innovator, an original, a critical thinker. All these qualities lead you to market you and your work in a way that is interesting, relevant, and true to you.

You want to offer what you want yourself. From your own personal drops to sharing your latest project, you want the experience for your audience frictionless, instant and personalized. Social commerce delivers just that.

It doesn’t matter if you run an entire agency of freelance designers or you’re a one man show, anyone can tap into social commerce to boost their audience growth, connection and ultimately conversion.

At Drop, we help you leverage your Instagram following to launch a new social commerce-led channel for revenue and engagement.

Customer Generation

Building and cultivating and audience is one thing but engaging them at scale is another. Sure you can respond to comments and direct messages but that has never been easy at scale. Thing is, that following contains so many of your current and undiscovered future customers. Powered by conversational marketing, customer generation is infinitely more personalized, frictionless and effective. You can read about how social commerce is changing the customer generation game here.

Monetizing your Brand

Monetize your brand in an entirely new way with automation + conversation. All on Instagram, build up hype for coming projects uncovering what your fan base really wants from you, then deliver. We make it easy to segment, group and re-engage with your audience. From those who need just a little nudge along customer journey, to die-hard fans who should be rewarded for their continued loyalty. Check out the full use case here.


When you collaborate with major brands, events and more, social commerce can help you to gather new insights right off social that help strengthen relationships with data. Hard numbers will help you leverage future partnerships and collect new leads for your own audience.

Want to learn how this could apply to your brand? Let’s talk it over. Book a quick chat here.

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