A sneaker marketplace uncovers their IG audience’s favorite brands with a simple DM

A Sneaker Market Place Uncovers Their IG Audience’s Favorite Brands and Models With DM

The Story

We The New takes after it’s namesake, re-inventing the business model for sneaker resellers worldwide. By taking on such a huge mission, the brand has to stay connected to their audience and ensure their drops sell out. The ideal way to keep their finger on the pulse is by listening and being heard. More specifically, listening to their customers and carrying the brands they are looking for, while also being heard, cutting through the social media noise and keeping awareness up on their limited drops.

The Strategy

Tapping into the power of IG DM automation, We The New set up a very simple sign up flow for early access to their winter sales. With a much higher reach than email, SMS or an IG post, utilizing this new channel ensured their winter sales would be seen by a higher percentage of their audience. Taking a step back to learn more about their audience, the brand then launched a series of engagements that teased the coming sale, while also uncovering each person’s favorite sneaker brand. With this question alone, the sneaker market place was able to better personalize the experience and capture great insights for future segmentation. Post launch, We The New followed up with their audience asking if they found their favorite pair, and if they did, which one they cop’d. This conversation not only felt intimate and real to the user on the other end, it continued to grow their understanding of their customer base.

Much more than just a DM, Drop opens up a new communication channel to reach the heart of our most engaged communities. A simple, smart tool that automates communication and allows us to create strong links with our audience!
-Louise Bourne-Martinez, Brand & Content Manager

The Results

While the early access campaign was a great success, We The New wanted to hear from their audience if they enjoyed the new, IG DM experience as well. Following up with all those who initially signed up for their Winter Sale early access, with almost 74% completing the entire survey. We The New was able to uncover exactly what their audience valued about the IG DM campaign, learning that 93% of their audience would welcome another similar initiative.

The Numbers

  • 73.7% Overall Completion Rate
  • 93% Said YES to more IG DM Campaigns

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A sneaker marketplace uncovers their IG audience’s favorite brands with a simple DM

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