success story
sucess story

Running an outlet store via IG DM? This youth-led brand did it with an 83% CTR

A lesson on standing out from the crowd during the busiest moment in the year by hiding out in the DMs

Running an outlet store via IG DM? Read how this youth-led brand did it with an 83% CTR

Although nostalgic by design, Wasted's 172K audience is a niche collective of today's youth interacting natively in the digital sphere.

the problem

It is no question that the most significant moment in the year for any brand today is Q4. And it's no secret that every year, brands reach out to their audiences earlier and earlier, with more and more creative ways to capture their fans' attention. Basically, the competition is stiff out there.

the strategy

Pairing their young audience with their out-of-the-box marketing mindset, the brand wanted to re-package the old "outlet-sale" into something that truly resonated and sold out. The first step was creating a fully private, password-protected site for only their outlet goods. Second, the brand launched a series of IG stories that informed their audience of their coming sale and a CTA to DM to receive the password needed to enter the dedicated site.

the solution

Sharing the private outlet site and password right within DM, the brand crafted a super short customer journey that felt native and familiar to the young crowd aimed to capture the audience while their interest was still piqued. The DM campaign was a success, with 83% of those who entered the brand's inbox completing the flow and landing on the private site and 7% actually making a purchase. With most sources citing a "good" Instagram conversion rate of 1-1.5%, this campaign outperformed these numbers by 7x.

key metrics

The campaign reached a 83% click-through-rate and a 7% conversion rate.

the results
Conversion rate
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