Retail staple moves into the next era of commerce leveraging an influencer capsule

How a collaborative capsule sparked a DM guessing game and brick-n-mortar foot traffic

The Story

Jennyfer has been a staple on the french fashion scene for young femmes for the past 20+ years. Throughout its history, the brand has successfully evolved across the ever changing behavior of their young shoppers. From having a stronghold in the brick n mortar times pre-social, to today, where they blend their IRL stores with their strong digital presence, the company remains very relevant to their audience. Always ready to take a step in the innovative direction, Jennyfer was ready to try something more personal and direct with their customer base for their latest capsule with french singer and influencer Eva Queen. Looking to boost engagement within both the digital and IRL space, IG DM looked like a perfect fit to do just that.

The Strategy

Knowing that this collaboration would bring a lot of excitement across their audience, since most are already fans of Eva Queen, the brand decided to tease the collaboration through a variety of Instagram Posts. Without revealing who the capsule was co-designed by, Jennyfer asked their audience to DM to get a clue on who it might be, and shared a lyric from one of Eva Queen’s hits songs. Jennyfer once again reached out to their IG audience to DM, this time with their best guess on who the collab was with. Fans of Eva Queen (armed with a lyric and slightly blurred content) jumped right into the DM’s, and were then shared previews of the coming collection with a quick question, “what do you like the most?”. Twenty-four hours later, the brand shared early access to all who entered the flow through a visual carousel card. After releasing the collection to all, the brand followed up with their IG DM subscribers asking for feedback on the overall capsule. Those who responded were rewarded with the opportunity to enter a massive giveaway that was available only in-store.

The Results

First off, Jennyfer understood that to foster a real conversational experience for their fans they crafted a young and relevant tone throughout the messaging. By staying super authentic to their audience they were able to capture their attention and build loyalty through a genuine exchange. This shone through across this capsule launch, with a super high click-through rate of 70%. They were also able to gather specific insights to this influencer collab. Truly understanding what percentage of their audience was excited by this project was an awesome takeaway. Through their re-engagements, Jennyfer also collected live and honest feedback that boosted their customer insights, which in-turn supports future projects with other collaborators.

The Numbers

  • 70% CTR
  • 85% Re-Engagement

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