success story
sucess story

Premium comfort brand takes on a no-frills lead gen strategy with the help of conversation

Scott Disick's brand TALENTLESS does a giveaway different, with incredible results

Premium comfort brand takes on a no-frills lead generation strategy with the help of conversational marketing

Premium loungewear favorite TALENTLESS speaks directly to their audience, whether it's straight from their founder Scott Disick to their own social presence.

the problem

Along with this M.O., building a strong relationship with their customers is key. To do this, TALENTLESS was looking to connect with their fans in a more intimate way, while in-turn better understanding them. The cherry on top of it all would be to move more of their following into their direct marketing programs.

the strategy

Launching a giveaway for $1,000 of TALENTLESS goods, the brand partnered with Drop to create a conversational Instagram DM campaign. Allowing their audience to seamlessly enter to win, without ever leaving IG, TALENTLESS also re-engaged with each participant asking what they would cop if they were to be the lucky winner. Leveraging both the brand's one-million audience and the founder's 25.7 million followers to promote this unique giveaway across multiple stories. Turning every participant into a winner, TALENTLESS offered a limited discount to everyone who didn't snag the $1,000 prize.

the solution

Growth-hacking their direct marketing programs with a 70% of IG giveaway entries opting into email (55%) or SMS (45%), TALENTLESS racked-up a whole new cohort of qualified subscribers. Along with their lead generation efforts, the brand learned what their audience covets the most, gaining valuable information for both their product and marketing teams that can be used for designing future collections and launching hyper-personalized campaigns. All in all, 88% of those who signed up for the giveaway moved through the entire flow, completing the onboarding and sharing their favorite TALENTLESS goods.

key metrics

The conversational giveaway reached a 88% CTR and generated 70% direct marketing opt-ins.

the results

TALENTLESS unlocked a new strategy for social giveaways.

Direct marketing opt-ins
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