ASICS went 1:1 with their IG audience to tell their collab story with Brain Dead

How ASICS went 1:1 (on IG DM!) to tell their story with Brain Dead

The Story

Launching a new product on IG, cutting through the noise and connecting with your core audience is a challenge for every brand and  has been top of mind for the marketers over at ASICS. On the top of their list, the brand was looking to create a more one-on-one feel to tell a product, collab or collection's story through their new program, ASICS Launches. Additionally, ASICS also wanted to test excitement, and letting true fans get first dibs.

The Strategy

Leveraging their highly-coveted, limited edition collaboration with Brain Dead, ASICS utilized Drop and IG DM to close the social media gap and create a more meaningful product launch experience. Removing friction for customer sign-ups for the new launchpad with a conversational flow right within Instagram DM. The brand checked the pulse for demand through each new subscriber, with those interested in the coming Brain Dead release sharing their email, phone number, location and Instagram profile info to get early access. The brand introduced the partnership's storyline through a series of touchpoints, from a tell-all behind the design and inspiration to a D2C video campaign. Each viewer was exposed to the inner workings of the coming drop, and the collab's hype was further deciphered through their engagement.

The Results

Letting their new IG DM audience be the first to know when the Brain Dead collab dropped, core fans were able to snag the product without the normal frustration of super-limited releases, offering an exclusive experience that boosted good-will and loyalty before ultimately selling out. Reaching an 81% completion rate with 75% CTR from the first text to the final onboarding process, the following campaigns got an average of 44% CTR.

The Numbers

  • 81% Onboarding Completion + 75% CTR
  • 44% CTR for following campaigns

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ASICS went 1:1 with their IG audience to tell their collab story with Brain Dead