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How much does it cost?

1. Our Starter Plan is $1,299 a month (or $1,199 per month if billed annually), and is great for most Shopify Brands with over $1M in yearly revenue. It includes everything you need with a Shopify Integration, Premium features & Templates, and basic support.

2. Our Scale Plan that is $2,999 a month (or $2,699 per month if billed annually). These are for brands who want to launch the most robust IG DM program, a dedicated CSM, a dedicated support team, and also a collaborative paid ads & influencer strategy.

3. Lastly, we have our Enterprise plan that is completely custom to fit to what brands want. White glove service where we'll ensure the quickest return on your investment in Drop.

Can I try it for free?

Unfortunately our beta free trial phase is over. We offer a paid POC so that your brand has ample time to test out our platform and see just how much revenue you can generate with Drop

What's the difference between from Email or SMS marketing?

The biggest difference between Instagram Direct Message marketing, versus email or SMS, is that it’s hosted on your audience’s favorite app. This may be somewhat obvious, but it’s a complete game-changer since you won’t have to switch your audience’s attention from one channel to another. It’s more conversational and less intrusive than SMS, and has a much higher opening rate than email

I hate random marketing messages, isn't this the same?

We do too. As direct marketers in general we always strive to be subtle and valuable, not annoying or dissmissable. The beauty of IG DM automation is that the audience makes the first move, sending YOU a message to start.It’s built into our DNA is to always make it a two-way street, using action items, segmentation and more to ensure the person on the receiving end is interested in the conversation, not being pushed into it.Lastly, our templates, success stories and use cases all use casual, conversational tones, and discourage bot-like copy and big clunky texts to avoid feeling automated and non-personal.

How effective is it?

Instagram Direct Message Automation has a:

Opening Rate:  80-100%
Engagement Rate: 40-60%
CTR: 20-30%
Conversion Rate: 8-15%

*While these numbers vary from brands, industries, campaigns, etc, you’ll notice it’s a huge departure from what ecommerce efforts generally result in.

Can I save the data I collect on Drop?

Yes! It’s yours to keep. Our mission here at Drop is for you to own your IG audience instead of renting it. We want to end the “pay to play” experience brands and creators have on social and introduce the new-age of owning, and collecting, real insights from their Instagram audience.

Can I use Drop without Shopify ?

Most definitely! A lot our clients don’t run on Shopify, but still get a ton of value from IG DM marketing. But we aren’t stopping there. We are working hard on adding more ecommerce integrations, so everyone can have the same IG DM superpowers.