Why should I stray away from social?

You shouldn't. Building up your audience on social media platforms is critical, but with the limited reach and the every changing policies, SMS allows you to capture these audiences into a 100% owned channel.

Isn't email marketing the same thing?

While there are some *faint* similarities, they are definitely not the same. SMS allows for instant 1:1 direct connection, that can be hyper-personalized and better segmented. Also, the newsletter's performance has dropped 47%* over the past 5 years, which equals to an average of a 20% opening rate and 5% CTR.

How effective is SMS marketing?

With e-commerce moving fully mobile, text marketing has become the most relevant channel to connect 1:1 with customers across all generations and niches. Take it from our customers, whose direct messaging marketing initiatives have averaged a 98% opening open rate, 50% engagement rate, and 30% conversion.

But I hate getting random marketing texts, what makes you different?

You, me, and everyone hate push notifications, it does not create long term relationships. We focus on providing real value to your customers, being present through the entire cycle, and sending marketing campaigns that segment and personalize messaging based on the customer's interactions and preferences.

How much does it cost?

We offer a suite of 3 packages to best fit your brand's audience size and objectives. Starting at $999 per month, our 365 Program, Campaign Performance, and Proof of Concept plans work to maximize your outcome.

How hard it is to get started? Do I need extra resources?

While we can set up your account and dedicated number in virtually 5 min, it typically takes 1 to 2 weeks for our team to have your SMS marketing program ready to launch with all the right content, automations and assets, from resources you already have.

How many departments need to be involved?

It's very different from organization to organization, but we believe that a well-flushed direct messaging marketing program should include e-commerce, digital marketing, and some of the creative teams.

What about compliance? TCPA/CCPA/GDPR regulations are scary…

We agree and that's why we follow all the regulations set by the TCPA and CCPA by offering a vetted opt-in/opt-out mechanism, along with a quarterly review by legal experts (DLA Piper), and a detailed recommended Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Who is owning the data?

You own everything! We don't share or sell your data, operating as a service provider, presenting you with actionable insights based on these findings while constantly making upgrades to improve our platform.

Can I try before I buy?

Even though as of right now we are not offering free trials, you don’t need a 12-month agreement to get the ball rolling. Beginning at $999, our Starter Plan is the best way to try our platform for yourself, and if for any reason you are not satisfied you can cancel your plan at the end of each monthly period.

What happens if I don’t want to continue after the trial?

(Other than breaking our hearts! 💔) You'll be able to export a CSV file with all your data, closing your account and deactivating your number.

Do I have to commit on a 12-months agreement?

Nope! Our subscription can be on a month to month basis, but we do offer a 20% discount on any 12+ month plan agreement.